Planted on April 28, 2019

First video April 28, 2019

Short story about an order of Vetiver that was lost in the mail for 6 weeks.

Fourth Video taken on July 20, 2019 showing the growth of a 3 month old Vetiver that was planted April 28, 2019. 

This is part 2 of the video after the plant was removed from the ornamental pot.

Vetiver planted about 8 months ago in a ornamental pot so we could observe the root system development.

This is a Vetiver installation for a client in Sayalonga, Spain who had serious erosion issues on a very steep driveway.

Second video May 21, 2019

A 2,000 Vetiver shipment of Vetiver going to the UK for a Project to halt cliff erosion.  Stay tuned!

Vetiver Spain

Everyone loves Moringa leaves, even Chickens!

How we use a Vetiver hedge and to help our almond crops.

First client to buy Vetiver for their animals that came on horseback!

Vetiver used as a wind break for young Avocado trees and to line the driveway making a nice entryway.   

Vetiver shipments being staged for shipping to France and Italy.

Third video taken on June 2, 2019

Vetiver Spain

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Vetiver Grass UK

Another video showing how well Vetiver travels while in shipment.

Vetiver Grass Used To Fight Erosion

This experiment with Anna planting Vetiver as an ornamental plant.  She is  using slips with different size root masses.  We wanted to compare root sizes and their  growth.  The plants used are on the left.  Following 3 videos with Dates taken.