Vetiver Spain

The Vetiver plants that we shipped to Tenerife started their journey on January 30, 2017.  Roughly 4 weeks in a box with no light or water.  They were held in customs for so long that we had the plants returned to us.  After returning to us they lived in a bucket of water for about 3 months so the paper would dissolve.   The roots had completely broken through the damp papers that we ship them in.  We changed the water every few days or when ever the water got oily.  They also grew new roots that became to entangled to separate so we planted them in larger and taller pots and put them in one of our greenhouses.

Below are photos of Vetiver being delivered to Santa Marta, Badajoz, Spain to an Olive processing plant that is having problems with waste water from the processing process which has a  high concentration of Phenol in their retention ponds.  All the plants were grown in the greenhouse and are about 3 months old.  The delivery consisted of 10 tall potted plants, 10 forestry trays of 18 plants and 50 slips.   What they are going to do is to float the plants out into the retention ponds in an effort to reduce the pollution.    There have been a number of worldwide studies done on this with great results.

  The photos in rows above and below were taken at the same time on Feb.24, 2017 when they were returned to us by Correos. 

VetiverSpain delivery vehicle.

As you can see in the photos above the trays will be cut to allow the installation of the trays to be recessed into the styrofoam platforms and then floated out into the water to start the cleaning process.   We will keep everyone updated on the progress of the experiment and of course the results. 

These are the plants we shipped and as you can see they are too tall to fit in the car so as you see in the photo below that we cut them back.

These two photos show before and after cutting the Vetiver so I could see out of the rear view mirror.

Here is an amazing story about this incredible plant.  In the photos to the left you can see the plants that we shipped to a client in Portugal.  We shipped 100 plants and after 2 weeks they did not arrive so we shipped a replacement order.  5 weeks later the first shipment arrived!  The were growing new white roots and as you can see some were inches long.  This shows how resilient these plants are.  An unplanned experiment but some good for all of us to know.  Anyone should be able to grow these plants.  They are next to impossible to kill if the proper guidelines followed.  Please see the "Planting" page above.

Vetiver Travel Stories

This page shows some examples of how well Vetiver travels.  We have had a number of instances where the shipments were lost, returned due to misinformation on the address, people relocating, etc.  The plants were returned to us, still alive and actually growing new roots after weeks in a box with just damp newspaper that we wrap them in to ship.   We then plant them out and they grow.  We have had no plants that did not live.

These 2 photos above were taken on July 23, 2017 after their travel experience.  The plants are in the center row in the tall black buckets that our avocado trees came in.   This shows how we replanted the Vetiver into larger pots because we did not want to disrupt the roots that were so entangled.  They love the large pots as there is a lot of growth room for the root systems.  Another interesting thing is that when we sold one of the plants the roots had grown out of the bottom of the pots and were deep into the ground. 

Vetiver Spain
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This is another example showing how incredible this plant is.  This package was shipped to the Netherlands on May 4, 2021.  It was lost so we replaced it for the client free of charge.  It was returned to us on June 15th.  We opened the package and these are the results.  All lived and all will be planted out.

The pickup of 7,000 vetiver plants at VetiverSpain for the Vineyard Bodega Haciendo Los Arcos . 

This beautiful vineyard is in Mijas, Spain. 

Here Vetiver is being used to prevent erosion, while  enriching the soil, to conserve water, to create a natural fertilizer and to increase crop yield.

Incredible how many plants you can get into such a small vehicle!

These photos in the row above were taken on  May 29, 2017.  As you can see the paper has melted away and the plants are growing new greenery and also new white roots.  It is  expecialy when we tilted the plants out of the water to see and take the photo.

This is another example of the resilience of Vetiver.