Options of purchasing  Vetiver from Vetiver Spain.

There are many discussions on the best way to plant Vetiver.  Over the years we have found that a single slip, or what is called a tiller, works well in our area once the low temperatures rise above 10C.  If your location is cooler than ours we have come up with some different options to help start the Vetiver off more quickly.   The various options include all sizes of plants. 

Here is a basic outline:

1.  In most areas the single slips are sufficient and of course this depends on your particular locations'   climate, elevation, lowest temperatures, rainfall, etc.

2.  To accelerate growth a plant with more tillers will grow faster so we offer 2 and 3 tiller slips or plants.

3.  The best results in cooler areas are from Vetiver that has been planted in our greenhouses in either pots of different sizes or trays of 18 to 24 plants.  These need to be picked up in Sayalonga as they are too heavy to ship.  Delivery is available depending upon your location and the quantity purchased.

Below are some photos of the different examples. 

These are single bare root slips that have been prepared for either shipment or pickup.


After many requests we have a number of new offerings for those who would like to try some plants before making a larger investment.  All offers provide you with "bare root slips."  To the right the top photo is a 12 pack.  All packages to Mainland Spain are shipped in 72 hour boxes.   See pricing below.  Contact us for costs to other countries including special pricing to the UK.  Ask us for optional packages for different quantities of plants and we will respond to you.

25 plant pack is 40 Euros.

60 plant pack  is 80 Euros.

Packages above 100 plants shipped any where on mainland Spain includes free shipping. 

The mainland Spain 100 plant pack is 100 Euros.

The mainland Portugal 100 pack is 125 Euros.

The 200 plant pack is 200 Euros to Mainland Spain.

The 100 plant UK pack is 125 Euros and includes shipping.

You can pay by PAYPAL or Bank transfer.   Please email us through our "Contact"  page or directly to  info@vetiverspain.com for further information, to place an order or for shipping anywhere in the EU.   Please feel free to contact us by phone: 

David @ 34 692 288 657

 UK special offer!

 100 Vetiver slips for 125 Euro including shipping. 

Ask about our other UK special offers.  We have a truck going once a month for larger shipments.

A slip with 3 tillers. 2.75 Euros each.

A single slip with one tiller.

1.00 Euro each with discounts on quantity.

    3 different size slips with 1-3 tillers.

A slip with 2 tillers.

    1.75 Euro each.

Taller pots and Vetiver results from trays.

Potted plants of different sizes.

New Specials for everyone!  This is the best time to plant Vetiver!

We now ship regularly every Monday throughout the EU via the Spanish Correos or MRW to Portugal.   Scroll down to see various options on purchasing and shipping options.    The price per slip is 1.00 Euro with discounts starting at 500 plants.  

All orders above 100 plants include free shipping to addresses on mainland Spain.   

100 plants to Portugal is 125 Euro via MRW.

If you would like free Lemon Grass and Moringa seeds as a gift just let us know. 

Scroll down the page to see more options for purchasing, shipping and packages which include shipping.

We have also started Moringa Trees in one of our greenhouses and these will be ready in May for planting.  They are already over 1 metre tall and growing.   You will need to place your order now as we only have room for about 1000 trees.  Moringa trees are for pick up only as they do not ship well.

                                                                                                    Contact us at :

Email:  info@vetiverspain.com or

Phone in English: 34 692 288 657

Phone in Spanish contact: Paco at 34 646 166 820

Tall potted plants in our smaller greenhouse.  Prices depend on the size and age.