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VetiverSpain is now providing Lemongrass.  Lemongrass is a beautiful and fast growing grass as you can see from the photos below.  It is also related to Vetiver.   We experimented with Lemongrass in the prevention of erosion but found that the root system is quite shallow and it does little for erosion control.  Lemongrass is also cold sensitive and can die in a freeze unlike Vetiver which is able to withstand -20 C temperatures.  However, Lemongrass is great in cooking particularly Asian inspired dishes.  We provide it to restaurants of all types.  It is great in the local "Puchero" soups that Spain is famous for.  

We have slips for sale that are  ready for either cooking or planting.  These can be shipped like Vetiver by Post.  We also have potted plants at different stages which need to be picked up here in Sayalonga.  We have thousands of plants available now and more growing in our greenhouses.