We thought it would be a good idea to produce a document with a link for people who have an interest in Vetiver as it is too long for a FaceBook posting. 
We have been growing Vetiver for over 8 years now and have learned a lot that we thought we would share with everyone.

Also right now is the time to cut your Vetiver back to about 30cm.  The plant will turn green for it's summer colors and also grow faster.   You do not NEED to cut back but it will look nicer and the winter colors will be over.

We have spent a lot of time documenting with photos of when we have planted Vetiver at different times of the year and then showing the actual results.  You can see these results on the link below to our “Growth” page. 

What we have learned over the years is that it is important to understand the growth process of Vetiver.  We have found that we can plant Vetiver all year long at any time but some times produce better results than other times of the year. 
For your comparisons, our facilities are located in Sayalonga, Spain.  We are in the country above Sayalonga in what is also known as the Campo.   Our elevation is 500 metres.
Here is a weather site that we use to do analysis for people who are interested in planting Vetiver and our location in Sayalonga.  For your location just change the destination input and then you can compare yours to ours.


It appears that the key temperature for the best results is when the low temperatures are above 10C.  In our case March is the optimum time for the very best results but throughout the summer is great.  Check out our Growth page for photos with date stamps on them.
Another thing that a lot of people do not understand about Vetiver is that it is indigenous to India and is not found naturally here in Spain.  The plant is sterile so it is not possible to be grown from seeds.  It is non invasive and the only way to propagate this plant is through root separation.  It is important to understand that Vetiver loves the heat of summer.  That is when it really thrives. 

                                                                                              GREENHOUSE OPERATIONS

We are presently cleaning and reorganizing our 2 greenhouses and planting in trays and pots for people to pick up more mature plants in the springtime.  These plants really take off when the weather warms up and you should have plants about 1.5 to 2 metres tall by the fall.  Vetiver makes a great wind break while also stabilizing new terraces or any erosion issues.  It is recommended to plant in late March and throughout the summer in our location before planting other types of trees in the fall. 

We use them as a windbreak for our 300 + Avocado trees which are tender and fragile when they are first planted.  It works very well.  Out of 300 trees we did not loose any in the first years winter with very high winds.

                         We are now taking reservations for space in the greenhouses for next year. 

If you are local we are open by reservation only.  Call or email us for an appointment to see how we have used Vetiver.

Our home page is www.vetiverspain.com .
If you have any questions please contact us at:
Or by phone:
(34) 692 288 657
Dave and Anna